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Studded Tire Detection

A vehicle and tire analytics system that monitors vehicles and controls their flow in and out of parking sites.
"Every vehicle with studded tires prevented from entering your garage will prolong the life of your membrane." Owner of VertuShops
Louie Lawen, CEO - Lawen Group

It gets worse.

Salt laden water can seep
into concrete and lead to
deep corrosion of your
reinforcing steel.

The mess, closures, and
repairs could damage your
bottom line for years.

"To avoid a 12-phase 7-figure remediation project that shut down our garage and reduced revenue for weeks, I would definitely install the studded tire detection system in a heartbeat to save your garage.”
Louie Lawen, CEO - Lawen Group

Now you can protect the lifespan of your garage membrane 24/7 with the AvenewAi Studded Tire Detection System.

Real-Time Detection Prevents Entry

With over 98% accuracy AvenewAi's System instantly detects vehicles with studded tires. By interfacing with your gate it prevents entry to your garage and protects your building.

Over 98% Accurate in all Seasons

Fast, slow, rain or snow, the Machine Vision System and cloud monitoring demonstrate unmatched reliability. The all in one On-Site System communicates with your gate and instantly alerts drivers while letting your team view detection results online.

The only all-in-one Ai Monitoring System instantly alerts and locks the gate with over 98% stud detection

During a 150-day trial of over 27,000 vehicles*, 99.4% were accurately detected and 20 vehicles were identified with studded tires. All vehicles with studded tires had two or more image detections with a confidence rating that was high enough to lock the gate.

*Only 0.6% false positives were reported.

Damage from studded tires can cost you a fortune.

Studded tires can instantly void your warranty

When our system stops entry and reduces the damage, it can extend the life of your membrane and your warranty.

AvenewAi helps you avoid revenue losses due to lengthy repair times, garage section closures and waiting on safety inspections.

By keeping studs out of your multi-level garage you preserve the building and significantly reduce annual maintenance costs.

An industry changing intelligent system. 

Every unit is customized to meet your needs, tested, monitored, and maintained to deliver invaluable peace of mind.
Cameras, Processors, Monitors, Lighting, Web Monitoring installed and tested at Vertu Shops, Halifax NS.

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