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Tolling / Traffic Management / Auditing


We build AI enabled machine vision solutions for the transportation and infrastructure sectors.
"AvenewAi's systems are LIVE at Canadian Tolling Agencies! They are counting raised and lowered axles while monitoring traffic flow to reduce wait-times and congestion."
6-month trial results: over 99.5% accurate

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Our Systems

Bumper to bumper traffic

Vehicle Monitoring System

VMS uses AI to monitor traffic flow and wait times at your facility — get alerts when congestion builds and see vehicles by class with axle counts.
Truck axels identified by ai frame highlights

Axle Detection System

ADS instantly detects every vehicle class and axle, including raised axles. ADS can be integrated with your existing payment system to send counts in real-time.

Traffic Flow Management

The TFM system allows you to view, compare and audit current and historic traffic flow and wait times to adjust lanes and staffing schedules for optimal flow efficiency.

Routing Intelligence

A student transportation bus re-use, routing, and auditing system.

Studded Tire Detection

A vehicle and tire analytics system that monitors vehicles entering garages.
Aerial view of traffic in roundabout and highway at night.

Customized Solutions

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monitoring solution?
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Seamless Integration with your existing systems.

All AvenewAi systems can be easily integrated with your back office and toll collection systems
to send real-time vehicle and axle counts directly to your billing system.

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