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A student transportation bus re-use, routing, auditing, and analytics software system.
"The opportunity to audit our current routing system by using the Avenew routing methodology allowed our team to find areas where the routing system we have been using may have been embedding old assumptions and building upon its past network to a degree that didn’t let us see changes to find efficiency.”
—Jacob Ritchie
Director of Operations, Halifax Regional Centre for Education
Our school bus routing software ensures optimal fleet re-use within any number of scenarios. New routes establish highly efficient stop locations, encompass real local walking distances, and load buses to minimize the runs needed to get every student to school and home again safely.

AI Powered Logistical Optimizations

Powerful new algorithms offer invaluable results through bus re-use.

Advanced Audits Identify Routing Solutions

Your team can use Avenew to validate what you are already doing well and to implement alternative routing in problematic areas.
Recent audits have shown potential savings for 2020 and beyond:
Select fleets can be reduced in size by 14%
Bus re-use can be increased to over 60%
Average travel time was 29 minutes for 17 runs completed by re-using 9 buses
Import your school data and have verified results for each family within 48 hours

Next level routing intelligence has arrived.

Optimize Group Stops • Balance Travel Time

Start with our easy to use cloud-based routing application.

Designed for Student Transportation Analysts, Avenew can easily upload school, student, and boundary data into our secure cloud app to see multiple stop scenarios. By adjusting loading and travel parameters you can quickly analyze different collection point configurations. Once you define a scenario, Avenew generates the most efficient configuration to optimize stops, balance travel, and maximize bus re-use. Quickly see where your routing succeeds and what alternatives Avenew offers.

See schools, students, stops and routes all in one place.

Your team can manage all your school families in one console. Compare riders and walkers and shift between maps, roadside views, and tables to achieve immediate results. In addition, you can export data to generate actionable routing to improve current operations.

Discover how your unique walking data improves bus routes.

Our walking algorithm is an invaluable missing link. It allows you to set approved walking distances for every student and grade. This not only creates smarter routes, it also supports healthier children, less buses, and shorter rides.

Audit to see greater efficiency across the board.

Maximize Bus Re-use • Deliver Greater Savings

Quickly revise parameters to instantly generate better group stops.

We know everything that happens at a stop is key to balanced transportation. Now you can compare scenarios by changing distances between stops, numbers of students, walking distance to stops and their eligible walking distances to school.

See satellite maps of regional routes right down to the street level.

You can scan the bird’s eye view of your region and ensure ground level safety at the same time. Your analysts will become better informed by seeing the real streetscapes, dead-ends, intersections, parks, and walking paths that your communities use every day.
Avenew generates customized routing within hours, then our statisticians verify your results to ensure efficiencies. Our system can also incorporate route contingency planning, including the evolving COVID-19 procedures to come.
Take your interactive tools to the next level by starting with an Avenew audit. It brings more detailed data into the transportation puzzle to uncover the most efficient routing, minimize student travel time, and determine where it's best to re-use buses.

Our audits validate routing and identify potential savings for school families.

Proven with Canadian School Boards

Avenew’s Stats Team generated stops and routing for over 130 schools, ensuring maximum bus re-use and efficient group stop allocation. Our solution provided efficient routing for over 16,000 students, transporting them to school in less than an hour. The solution also re-used 61% of the bus fleet with a minimum number of collection points to ensure board mandated walking distance limits.

In one school family, Avenew's new routing solution showed the potential to transport over 800 students by performing 17 runs with only 9 buses at an average run-time of 29 minutes.

Audit Summary

Challenge: Provide most efficient routing and minimum collection points for all eligible students. Increase Active Transportation.

Solutions: Re-use more buses by strategically locating collection points, and by generating new routing that allows more buses to perform multiple runs.

Results: 61% bus re-use can lead to significant fleet reductions in many families, while ensuring student travel is in less than an hour.

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